New Plants at the Entrance!

Our landscaping company was able to install our new plants recently and these will be more cost effective and last us longer! We are excited to have these and see them grow!

From the HOA

News and Updates from The Board of Directors

Our Flock cameras have been very useful! We are excited to say that they were able to help identify a couple of bad actors and we have agreed to allow SLED to have access to the scans of the license plates so they can identify any stolen vehicles coming in and out of our neighborhood! Additionally the park cameras were able to help the Lexington PD with a DV situation. 


We have ordered and are awaiting “No Overnight Parking” signs for the park as well as no parking signs for the retention pond that will say “No Parking Monday - Friday 8-5” so that no vehicle interferes with the landscaping company!


Struggling with Mold?

what can you do other than power wash?

Lowes and Walmart both sell a product called E-Z House Wash! It connects to a standard garden hose and is great for small patches/spots of mold or mold on low lying areas of your home! At $14 a bottle its cost effective as well!